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Gaming Headset, GAKOV Gak3 Cool RGB Light, Metal Iron Mesh, HD Cl...

Price : $26.99

Release Date

August 01, 2018

Product Description
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<p>Comfortable Wear:</p> <p>Skin-friendly earmuffs, with features such as environmental protection, wear resistance, comfort;</p> <p>Good Quality:</p> <p>High quality coil offers high, medium, bass audio experience;</p> <p>Memory Cotton Earmuffs:</p> <p>Lightweight material, self-adjusting head beam design, for best wearing comfort;</p> <p>Technological Sense Design:</p> <p>Metal head beam design,metal texture and durability coexist, resistant to violence and distortion,gives you full sense of sci-fi when you are playing games. High-sensitivity microphone provides a more accurate, clear and smooth sound;</p> <p>Easy To Use:</p> <p>Powered by the USB&3.5mm Jack supply directly,you can control volume very easily too. microphone switch and volume control;</p> <p>Adjustable Telescopic Headband:</p> <p>Both ends of the headset are automatically retractable and are automatically adjusted according to the player's different head types.</p> <p>Specification:</p> <p><br />Speaker diameter: 40mm <br /> Driver rated power: 20 mv <br />Driver capacity: 30mv <br />Cable: 2.4 m <br />Connector: USB + 3. 5 mm <br /> Microphone directional: omnidirectional.</p> <p>Package includes:</p> <p><br />1 x gaming headset <br />1 x 3.5 mm jack cable <br />1 x user manual.</p> <p>Kindly Note:</p> <p><br />1. Please listen to music at a suitable volume so as not to interfere with your hearing; <br />2. If you cancel the headphones yourself, the quality can not be guaranteed. <br />Extra Microsoft adapter is Not Included. <br />The USB interface is only used for power supply to LED light to highlight the atmosphere of the game.</p>
Product Description
Customer Reviews
<b><p>The GAKOV Gaming Headset Offering A Truly Premium Experience, That's Tailor-made for Competitive Gamers. If you're looking for a unique soundstage experience, then consider the GAKOV gaming headset. </b> <b><p>Handsome and Understated:</b>Aesthetically, the GAMV3 is handsome and understated. Every component is matte black, so it will seamlessly complement your office setup or battle station.</p> <b><p>High Quality:</b>The 2.0 HIFI stereo system offers better stereo imaging and locational accuracy, allowing you to identify enemy movement, bullets, and incoming threats exactly where they are coming from. </p> <b><p>Easy to Adjustment:</b>The right ear cup has a volume adjustment wheel for quick tweaks in the heat of battle, and the 10-foot braided cable is long enough to reach the back of desktop tower</p> <b><p>Specifications:</b> <br>Style:Headband <br>Connectors:USB + 3.5mm <br>Microphone: Noise Cancelling <br>Output sound pressure : 111+/-3dB <br>Harmonic distortion : THD<2%@1kHz <br>Voltage : 4.5-5.5V <br>Impedance : 32Ω <br>Cord Length: 2.3 meters <br>Color: Black <br>Product name: Gaming over-ear headphones <br>Microphone: External <br>Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz <br>Wire length: 2.35 meters <br>Usage: PC Game, Music, TV <br>Size:202*230*110mm <br>Weight:400g</p> <b><p>Package Including:</b> <br> 1x Gaming Headset <br>1xUser Manual</p> <b><p>Kindly Note:</b> The USB interface is only used for power supply to LED light to highlight the atmosphere of the game. </p>